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Furniture to be admired by
future generations

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"Make the world a more positive place and do some good."
- Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder

We are commited to making great furniture.

We offer:


Custom furniture


Steel, glass and stone products and solutions

...and other custom solutions.

Contact us:

Call us, send an e-mail, fill the form or visit us.

We are located at:

Jälgimäe tee 24, Saku Vald, 76401, Harjumaa



+372 60 99703

Thank you!


European Union NextGenerationEU funded project:

The EU funded development of processes and digitalisation of manufacturing at Timbermeister OÜ with a sum of 135 269 €.
The goal of the project is to implement ERP and drawing programs and to buy automated manufacturing devices and integrate them into the manufacturing process.

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