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Richard Branson wrote in his autobiography:

"Make the world a more positive place and do some good. If you don't make other people's lives better, you shouldn't be in business. A company has the obligation to make the world a better place."

Our mission is to make our client's world better by offering them the best quality custom furniture and interior solutions.

Who are we?

By visiting our homepage it can be assumed that you are here for a reason: you want to furnish your home or office. You probably already have an idea of the look you want. If you appreciate a personal approach, need innovative solutions, are dreaming about an original design, and want a sustainable result - you have come to the right place.

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Our team

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Our staff are genuine masters who provide first-class work while observing our guiding principles. The majority of our staff have been with us for 15-20 years. Meet our team!

Our company

OÜ Timbermeister was established in 1992. From the start, our priorities have been high quality products, and great customer service. Many of our customers have become loyal clients, and even close friends. Our cooperation partners include architects and suppliers whom we have worked with for decades. We value our client relationships, and believe they are worth preserving.

Our furniture is sold in Finland (our largest export partner), Sweden, the UK, Belgium, and Norway, in addition to Estonia. We have developed solutions for museums, including the Seaplane Harbour, the Estonian History Museum, Eesti Pank Museum, and the NUKU (Puppet) museum, as well as restaurants, offices, and many homes.


Create your dream home.
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